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Centenary United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021
The Friendly Church!

Children's Ministry

Children's Church

We offer Children's Church during worship for kids who prefer a lesson that's specifically designed for them on Sunday mornings, or for parents who experience more from worship when they are free to focus or relax. Children are escorted out of the sanctuary after the Children's Moment, and brought back after the sermon or before communion. This is offered for all children (you don't need to be a member), and if you get more from worship when your child is by your side, don't feel obligated to send them to Children's Church; we consider the sound of children to be a blessing, even if it's during worship!


Carrying the flame to the alter is an ancient and sacred part of christian worship, but also a great way for young ones to engage in the service. If your child may be interested, contact Mary Kitchen at (410) 867-0957. For parents with infants who need one privacy or a chance to pay some special attention to your little one, there is an open comfort room in the rear of our sanctuary, with a large glass window and a speaker system so you can still articipate in worship. Again, this isn't an obligation, but it's available during worship if you so desire!